Meet Kevin

Kevin Byrne is the current assembly member for the 94th District of the New York State Assembly and serves as the ranking member of the Assembly Health Committee and as chair of the Assembly Minority Program Committee, making him the youngest member of his conference’s leadership team. Byrne also serves as an active member of the Insurance, Labor, Transportation, and Governmental Operations Committees.

Kevin resides in Mahopac with his wife, Briana (Messina) Byrne, who has a busy career as a physician assistant (PA) at Montefiore Hospital, their son, Braeden, and their rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Tracker.  He is the third child of his two hardworking parents. His father, Dan, recently retired after a 45+ year career working as a high-voltage troubleshooter at Con Edison with the UWUA Local 1-2, and his mother, Patty, is a past 20+ year employee of Putnam Hospital Center.

Kevin was born and raised in the Hudson Valley, attending Carmel High School before enrolling at the University of Scranton. As a high school student, he showed an early commitment to community service and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. At Scranton, Byrne participated in the Army ROTC program, but his aspiration to military service was jeopardized by a previous spinal injury he sustained as a competitive student wrestler. Hoping to qualify for the Army physical, Byrne had a second surgery to remove a metal rod that had been used to repair his broken spine – but it was to no avail. Despite that, Byrne did complete the academic portion of the ROTC program coupled with an internship with then Congresswoman Sue Kelly, determined to be patriotic in every way he could, focusing intensely on public service in his volunteer activities, work, and political commitments.

Following his graduation from the University of Scranton, Byrne returned to the Hudson Valley and continued his volunteer service as an assistant scoutmaster; member of the Putnam Valley Town Planning Board; and volunteer firefighter and EMT for the Kent Volunteer Fire Department where he served three terms as department president. His commitment to service was later recognized by Congresswoman Nan Hayworth who appointed him deputy district director.  After serving the people of New York’s 19th Congressional District, Kevin then left the public sector to serve as a regional director for the American Heart Association to help people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  While working full-time, he completed his graduate studies and received his M.P.A. concentrating in Healthcare Administration at Marist College. Prior to seeking elected office, Kevin put his M.P.A. to use and worked in the private sector assisting administration and C-suite executives at the largest independent multi-specialty private medical group in New York at that time.

Refusing to be a “rubber stamp” for any political party or power structure, Kevin has always been eager to learn and to make decisions based on facts and common sense. Those values and principles that guided him throughout his life continue to guide him as our state representative in the New York State Assembly. Kevin first decided to run for elected office in 2016 when he noticed many of his friends and former classmates from his youth were moving out of New York State. Byrne believed then that a generation was being lost, and has since fought for a more affordable New York that would benefit all New Yorkers.  Unfortunately, many of the challenges remain the same: high taxes; out-of-control government spending; corrupt politics; and jobs fleeing the avalanche of mandates that make life impossible for small businesses to survive. It is to reverse this decline that Kevin has placed his dedication to public office and serve as our representative in the New York State Assembly.

The 94th District is made up of Yorktown, Somers, Carmel, Putnam Valley, Southeast, and Patterson.