Taxes & Spending

Reducing taxes for all New Yorkers

It’s absurd that New Yorkers are subject to the highest state and local taxes in the country.

As your Assemblyman, I’ll fight to lower taxes and keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Here’s what I support:

  • Making the state income tax fairer and flatter
  • Simplifying the state income tax form to a single page
  • Moving away from temporary cuts and other gimmicks towards permanent pro-growth tax relief
  • Making the property tax cap permanent
  • Cutting or eliminating the state income tax
  • Reducing the corporate franchise tax
  • Eliminating the death tax
  • Getting rid of the 18a tax assessment on utility bills

Enough’s enough for New York’s hardworking taxpayers—you deserve a break!

Making state government work better for you

For all the millions of dollars we render in taxes to Albany, we should have a lot more to show for it, but we don’t. Instead, we pay the ever-rising tab for spending that at best is excessive and at worst is scandalously wasteful.

Here are some of the ways I’ll fight to make Albany spend less and work smarter:

  • Refuse to increase the budget year to year
  • Reform Medicaid by allowing counties to opt out of non-mandated services; increasing crackdowns on fraud; and helping families keep elderly loved ones at home
  • Support amending the State Constitution to cap state debt, prohibit “backdoor borrowing” by authorities, and limit debt to capital investments

Today we are not getting value for money. I’ll work to make Albany more accountable.