Job Creation

Grow our economy and create jobs in New York

We’re losing a generation, and that means we’re losing our future.  When Briana and I married, we decided to make our home where we grew up, here in the Hudson Valley. We love it here and we don’t ever want to leave.

But for many of our younger friends, working and raising a family here simply aren’t feasible. Too many New Yorkers struggle to find good paying jobs and can’t afford the ever-rising cost of living. The result is that many continue to move to states like North Carolina and Florida.

We have to fix our economy and grow jobs here in New York. That means we have to welcome new businesses; treat the businesses that are here better; and respect our citizens’ pocketbooks, not use them as “cash cows” for wasteful state spending and mandates.

As your Assemblyman, I’ve fought against mandates that enrich bureaucracies and impoverish our businesses.

Lifting burdens through mandate relief

Seems as though every time you turn around in New York, there’s another rule to follow— especially if you’re in a small business. Small business is one our our greatest job creators.

I’ll continue to fight for mandate relief by supporting the following:

  • Put a moratorium on new regulations and review all current ones
  • Streamline and shorten timeframes for SEQR environmental reviews
  • Adopt medical professional guidelines to reduce cost of workers’ compensation
  • Require agencies to post and follow timeframes for permits and licenses, and compensate applicants for delays
  • Reform Medicaid and other mandated programs by allowing counties to opt out of non-mandated services to reduce property taxes imposed by the state through our counties
  • Eliminate incorporation fees for LLCs and partnerships