First Responders

Appreciating and supporting our police and first responders

As a former volunteer firefighter and EMT I have been privileged to serve with members of law enforcement, fire, and EMS on hundreds of calls. I know from personal experience the crucial contributions our first responders make.

They not only provide for our communities’ well-being; they also save our taxpayers nearly $4 billion annually, per a recent study produced by the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY). Without volunteer firefighters, property taxes would rise by nearly 27% on average state-wide!

Recognizing our first responders and the value they provide, I’ll do all I can to assure they have the resources and support they need from the state.

In the first year of my first term, after years of failed attempts, I helped lead the fight to successfully expand sorely needed cancer coverage for our volunteer firefighters!

Our first responders work hand-in-hand with law enforcement, making our communities and our state safer. With your support, I’ll continue my service as a staunch advocate for the men and women in blue.