Drug Crisis

Fighting the scourge of drug abuse

Drug addiction is tearing families apart throughout our Hudson Valley. It is an indiscriminate killer ruining the lives of good people, and it must be stopped.

As an EMT, I know how to administer naloxone (Narcan) in an overdose, and I’ve seen first-hand the devastation of addiction.

As your Assemblyman, I’ll work tirelessly to prevent and treat addiction, starting with:

  • Removing the stigma of addiction and the fear of seeking help
  • Providing law enforcement and first responders with life-saving training and Narcan for overdoses
  • Supporting local drug treatment courts, providing positive pathways to recovery
  • Prosecuting drug traffickers aggressively and relentlessly
  • Co-sponsoring “Laree’s Law” to allow heroin dealers to be charged with homicide if a buyer dies of an overdose

The federal government has designated Westchester and Putnam Counties a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. I’ll do all I can to fight this scourge.